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  1. About Us 

Everything4hire Limited is an online store for hiring, promoting and advertising of goods and services available for hire/rental online. This is an online store connects individuals who have items and services available for hire/rent with customers within Nigeria. These general terms and conditions shall apply to anyone making use of this platform www.everything4hire.com.ng or its Instagram page, facebook page or WhatsApp for adverts, promotion or hiring of goods and services. 

By using our platform, this implies that you have fully accepted and adhered to these general terms and conditions totally. If you do not adhere with any part of these terms and conditions, then you are not allowed to use this online store, Everything4hire.

By using this online platform, you fully agree to: 

i Obtain the necessary authority and approval of Everything4hire in line with these general terms and conditions before using our website; 
ii This hereby bind the parties involved - individual, company or any legal entity who operates as a business or organizational entity, to the 
    dictates of the general terms and conditions; and 
iii Also agree that "you" as used in these general terms and conditions shall imply both an individual user and or any representative, company 
    or legal entity unless it is stated otherwise. 

2. Registration and Accounts 

i. No user under the age of 18 years is allowed to register or use any of the features on our website. Upon registration, this implies that you have confirmed your age and you are above the age of 18 at the time of registration on the website which means that you are fully responsible for your actions.
ii. Registration for an account on this platform is solely through the completion and submission of the registration form as displayed on our website for use. 
iii. Upon registration, you have agreed that all information submitted in the registration form is duly complete and accurate. 
iv. When you register as a user on our website, we will require that you provide essentials details such as email address/username/user ID and password.

You will also agree to:

* Ensure to keep your password safe and confidential; 
* Inform the authority of Everything4hire either in writing or contacting our support lines if you ever discover any disclosure of your password; and 
* Take responsibility which may be as a result of failure to keep your password safe and confidential, and this means that you will be liable for any losses as a result of such activity on our website. 
v. Your registered account shall be used solely by you, as an individual or company and you shall be responsible for any activity performed by a third party as authorized by you, to use your account in proxy. 
vi. We hereby reserve the sole right to suspend or delete your account, and/or edit your registration account details in cases of violations without giving any prior notice.

3. Terms and conditions For Hiring/Rental on our Website

i. You hereby fully acknowledge that: 
*The website provides an online platform for vendors/partners and customers to transact business as stipulated by the authority of Everything4hire
*We shall not be responsible in any way for transactions that occur between vendors/partners and customers. All parties involved shall be solely responsible for the outcome of transactions as agreed between the parties and shall bear any loss which may arise from their transactions on our online platform. 

ii. The vendors/partner must ensure that the quality of their goods/service is strictly the same as advertised at all times, they shall also fully take responsible for the outcome of any wrong information they provide at the point of transaction. The vendors/partners are expected to keep all the goods/services provided to the customers in good conditions. 

4. Returns and Refunds 

i. Returns and Refunds shall be managed by us and at our own discretion. 
ii. Vendors/partners whose goods/services which perform below the expected standard as advertised on our website may refund any payment made by the customer(s). 
iii. Customers who return goods/services as a result of last minute change in plan as agreed between a vendor/partner and customer, will have to bear the cost incurred on the delivery/return and decision to refund or not shall be made by us.

5. Payments

You must make all payments due as stipulated under these general terms and conditions in accordance with respective prices as displayed for good/service being uploaded or hired on our website. All payment must be duly confirmed as we shall not be liable for any payment not confirmed or reflected in the company's Bank account. We hereby reserve the right to change rental charges on goods/service at any time - whether payment has been previously made or not during the course of transaction.

6. Rules about your content

In these stipulated general terms and conditions, "your content" hereby implies:
Any documents, information, ideas, and materials (which is not limited to materials such as text, graphical images, audio, video, scripts) uploaded on our website during the registration process or during course of transaction on our website for reasons such as promotion, advertising, storage, publication, transmission or distribution.

All communications showcased on our website such as product reviews, feedback and comments.
Your content provided on our website, and/or the usage of your contents by the authority of Everything4hkire as stipulated in these general terms and conditions, must not be misleading or misconstrue.
Your content and tone of language as provided on our website must be appropriate, for the general public, and must not in any way:

* Be offensive to any religion or group interests
* Be misleading or fraudulent
* Constitute unsolicited messages or spam
* Be morally or socially unacceptable
* Represent any form of violence whatsoever

Your content must not infringe on the right of any person or parties involved and must not be illegal in any way during the course of transaction. Your content must not breach:

* Any court injunction or court order
* Any right of confidence, right of privacy or right under data protection legislation of the laws of Nigeria;
* Any contractual obligation which is a sole right of any individual or parties involved;
* Any copyright, legal right, database rights, trademark rights, moral rights or interests or other intellectual property right of any individual or company;

You must not use any aspects of the information displayed on our website or some parts of the displayed contents in a way that does not comply to the terms and conditions of use.

You must not submit to our website any information you do not have the sole right or received permission to use, or advertise any goods or service or accredited to use.

You must not misleadingly influence or alter the reviews/ratings on any goods or service as advertised or stated on our website.

You hereby acknowledge that you shall not send personal information which includes bank account details/credit card details to customers/users on our website.

We reserve the right to periodically review your content showcased on our website, and we also reserve the right to remove or delete any content in our discretion for any reason without prior notice to you, if it doesn't comply the terms and conditions.

7. Our rights to use your content as displayed on our website

You hereby grant to us an irrevocable, and royalty-free license/right to use, reproduce, store, edit, publish, delete, translate and distribute your content across our marketing channels and any existing or future marketing media.
You hereby grant to us the right to sub-license the rights as specified in these terms and conditions 

You hereby grant to us the right to act in cases of infringement of the rights as stipulated in these terms and conditions
You hereby relinquish all your moral rights in your content to the maximum extent as accepted by the law biding it; and you also permit those other moral rights as contained in your contents have been waived subject to the law.

Without prejudice to other rights stipulated under these general terms and conditions, if you breach our guidelines on content in any way, or if we suspect that you have breached the guidelines around our website's content, we may delete, or review any or all of your content.

8. Use of website, mobile applications and social media platforms
You may:
* view pages/contents from our website or social media page in a web browser;
* refer people to our website and other social media pages;
* download pages from our website or social media page as cache in a web browser;
* print relevant web pages from our website or social media page for your personal use, and non-commercial use in an appropriate way;
* share our social media pages on the internet
* stream video and/or audio files from our website

Make use of our online marketplace features via the web browser as subject to the other provisions of these general terms and conditions.
You are only permitted to use our website for your own personal and business purposes with respect to rental of goods or advertising of goods/service for hire on our online marketplace.

Expect it is permitted as specified by these general terms and conditions, you must not modify, edit or review any material or content on our website.

Except you own or control the rights in the material, you can not:

* republish or redistribute material or contents from our website (including republication on another website) in public or for personal use
* rent, hire, sell or license any material or content from our website;
* exploit material or contents from our website for a commercial purpose without permission; or
Forward the links of the products displayed on our website/social media page and redistribute our newsletter and promotional materials in print and electronic form to any person.
We reserve the sole right to suspend or restrict access to our website or any of our social media pages and webpages. In cases of server maintenance or website update, we may suspend access to the website or any webpage You must not circumvent or bypass, or attempt to circumvent or bypass, any access restriction measures on the website/page.

You must not:

* use our website/social media page in any way that will cause any disruption, decrease functionality, cause any damage to the website or other users
* use our website in an unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful manner, or in relation to any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity;

* hack or attempt to hack our website or our social media pages
* test the vulnerability of our website without seeking our permission;
* circumvent any authentication process or security systems/processes in connection with our website;
* publish, upload or distribute any malware, spyware or virus on our website
* upload any unreasonably large load on our website 
* collect data from our website without permission
* interact with our website using any automated process, software or robot;
* make use of data collected from our website as a means of marketing not in favour of Everything4hire Ltd or without permission from us.

9. Data Privacy

i Registered users or buyers hereby agree to the use of their personal data in line with the terms stated in the Everything4hire Privacy and Cookie Notice
ii Everything4hire Ltd shall bear no liability to registered website users or vendors with respect to any form of misuse or loss of personal data while transacting on our website.

10. Trademarks and Copyrights - Everything4hire

i. As stated in these provisions, we totally control and own all intellectual property rights, materials and copyrights as displayed on our website and all our social media pages.
ii. The registered brand name (Everything4hire), corporate logo, intellectual property and unregistered trademarks belongs to us; we also reserve the sole right and will not give permission for the use of these trademarks, and any violation in its usage may constitute an infringement of our rights.
iii. Every registered or unregistered third-party trademarks/service mark used on our website remains their property and we do not endorse or remain affiliated with any of such rights of the third party, hence, we cannot grant any license or permission to anyone to exercise such rights.

11. Indemnity - Everything4hire

You undertake to indemnify us in any case such as
* any expenses incurred or suffered by us made to any third party for settlement of a dispute or claim) which may have been caused directly or indirectly while using our website or social media pages.
* any tax liability that we may incur on the rental/hire of goods, equipment or service via our website, where such liability is incurred as a result of your failure to make payment, withhold, declare or register under the necessary authority to pay VAT.
* any breach in these provisions by you which may lead to losses, damages, charges, fees, liabilities and expenses 

12. Our role as Everything4hire Limited

You hereby acknowledge that:

1. We are not involved in any transaction between vendors and users/customers on our website, we are only responsible to facilitate the transaction on our website.

* We do not serve as guarantor to any website user/customer, vendor or partner in any way
* We are not liable for any transaction between vendors, partners and users/customers in any way.
* We do not vet, authenticate or confirm the identity of all vendors, partners and users/customers, and we do not validate their credit worthiness.
* We do not check or vet the information contained in the adverts on our website and we are not responsible for any misleading information or misinterpretation in the contents;

2. We do not guarantee:

* that registration on our website is an automatic employment, jobs or contract in any regard. 
* that the users/customers or vendors are genuine;
* that vendors/partners cannot default during the course of transaction;
* that the goods/equipments/service will remain available as advertised
* the accuracy of information advertised on our website;
* that the goods/equipment/service advertised for rent meets the defined specifications as stated on our website;

3. We reserve the right to discontinue, remove or alter any or all of our advertised items for hire without any notice to owners or users/customers.

13. Breach in these general terms and conditions - Everything4hire
1. If you breach any of these general terms and conditions, or if we suspect that you have breached our general terms and conditions, we maintain the right to:

* delete or suspend your account on our website
* take up legal action against you as a registered user
* temporarily suspend your access to our website/social media page
* permanently prohibit or stop you from accessing our website/social media page;
* restrict any computer(s) using your IP address on our website;

2. In a case where we prohibit, suspend or block your access to our website, you must not take any action to circumvent such suspension or blocking (including without limitation creating and/or using a different account).

14. Exclusion and Limitations of Liability

1. No part of these general terms and conditions will, in any way:

* limit any liabilities in any way that is not permitted under the applicable law; or
* exclude any liabilities or statutory rights that may not be excluded under applicable law.

2. Our liability to you in respect of any contract is to provide services to you under these general terms and conditions, and shall not exceed the total amount paid and payable to us under the specified contract.

3. We will not be liable to you for any loss or damage of any nature with respect to, any losses as a result by any interruption or malfunction of the website;

* any consequential or indirect loss or damage.
* any financial loss or damage from using our website
* any losses caused as a result of any event(s) beyond our control;
*any loss or corruption of any data, database or software; or

4. You hereby acknowledge that Everything4hire is a Limited liability Company; you agree that you will not bring any claim personally against any of our employees with respect to any losses you suffer or incur in connection with our online hire/rental store or these general terms and condition. 

15. Variation

1. We hold the right to periodically revise or review these general terms and conditions as the need arises.
2. The revised general terms and conditions as displayed on the website shall take effect from the date of publication.

16. Hierarchy

In a case where these general terms and conditions, and any of our vendor/partners' terms and conditions, be in conflict, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

17. Entire Agreement

These general terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to your use of our marketplace and shall supersede all or any previous agreements between you and Everything4hire Ltd with respect to the use of our website

18. Severability

i. In a case where an aspect of these provisions is affirmed by any court of law or other authority as unenforceable or unlawful, the other aspect as stated in this provision will continue to take effect.

ii. If any unenforceable provision stated in these general terms and conditions would be enforceable or lawful whether a part of it is removed/or deleted then that part will be considered as deleted while the rest of the provision in these general terms and conditions will continue to take effect.

19. Assignment

1. You hereby agree that we may transfer, assign, sub-contract or deal with our obligations and/or rights as specified in these general terms and conditions.

2. Without getting a written consent, you can not transfer, or sub-contract any of your rights and/or obligations contained in these general terms and conditions.

20. Law and jurisdiction

1. Our terms and conditions will be interpreted and governed in accordance with the laws of Nigeria.
2. Any claims or disputes with respect to these provisions shall be made subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the laws of Nigeria.

21. Third party rights - Everything4hire

1. The contract as contained in these terms and conditions is solely for our benefit and your benefit, and it is not made benefit any other third party.

2. For all the parties involved, their rights as contained in these provisions is not subject to the consent of any other third party.
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